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How Christina Tan Got The Shot

Photo Credit: Christina Tan, Luxury Travel Photographer & Delkin ImageMaker I had been wanting to go here to shoot…


Rick Sammon

Super-fast card for super-fast subjects

When I am photographing animals moving at super -ast speeds, such as this peregrine falcon, there is only one card I trust – trust to record images at the highest speed and trust to safeguard my images. That’s my Delkin Devices CFast 2.0 256 GB card.The card writes at 495MB/S and reads at 560MB/S. For downloading to my computer, I use the Delkin Devices USB 3.0 Multi-Card CF Reader.

David Noton- Delkin Devices Image Maker
David Noton
Professional Photographer

Perfect for the job now in hand

Two tools will prove their worth here: the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, the camera of choice of many a sports photographer (loaded with a Delkin 128GB CFast 2.0 memory card to allow for continuous 14 fps shooting), and the big white EF200-400mm 1.4x f4 L IS lens. Both are tried and tested, both perfect for the job now in hand.

Rob Hadlow
The Camera Store

The Rolls Royce of Memory Cards

Delkin Black Cards are the Rolls Royce when it comes to memory cards. With Delkin your getting a decent speed card that does not slow down upon reading/writing. They are a consistent whether you have a empty card or a full card the read/write speed does not change like in the faster competitors cards, which have a tendency for the card to slow down once the card starts to get fuller. Delkin Black are just plain consistent in a good way, not to mention the over the counter exchange at stores or 48hrs Factory Replacement is super handy. Delkin Black are simply just cards you can trust day in and day out.

Stephen Greenaway

You have a new fan. Keep up the good work!

I just recently started using your memory cards and wanted to tell you how impressed I am with them. Today, when I was emptying out my dryer, I discovered that one of your Delkin Black 64 GB cards had went through an hour long wash cycle followed by 45 odd minutes in the dryer. My heart sank as I had a number of important images that I had yet to transfer to my laptop. While it still looked good physically I held out little hope that it would still function. Much to my surprise the card seems to have come out on the other end, no worse for wear. Well done Delkin. You have a new fan. Keep up the good work! –

Jim McHugh
Professional Photographer

"flawless technology and superb construction"

Along with flawless technology and superb construction, I can always trust in Delkin’s deeper, genuine desire to support artists in their creative process. The integrity of the image always comes first.

Ken Lewis
Midwest Photo

"truly a worry-free memory card in every way"

The Delkin Black memory card has become a staple product for Midwest Photo. We put the power of choosing which products we carry in the hands of our associates, who are all photographers. Delkin Black was an immediate “yes” for everyone here. Our philosophy here at Midwest Photo is to sell what we believe in, and the Delkin Black line makes it easy. Selling a memory card that we know is trustworthy, durable and lightning-fast makes it a perfect fit for every memory card sale. These high-end memory cards can withstand a ridiculous amount of force on both the SD and CF versions and don’t forget that Delkin Black cards can be sent through the washing machine and will still work! Delkin Black is truly a worry-free memory card in every way. A big bonus for a photo specialty store is that customers can’t buy Delkin Black anywhere else. We seek out any possible advantage in this competitive marketplace and the Delkin Black line gives us just that. Midwest Photo and Delkin Black make a great team. Our support from Delkin sets the bar for our expectation from other vendors. From providing unique and competitive promotions, to one of the best reps in the industry, we are confident that we are doing business with a team that cares about Midwest Photo.