Don’t Resell, SELL YOUR OWN

Right now, there are many reputable memory card brands you can choose to sell, but why be a reseller when you can sell your own? Now we’re sure you have a lot of questions: “How much would this cost?”, “Where would I find a trusted card supplier?”, “Is it worth it?” There is a lot to consider when deciding whether to do Private Label memory or not, but that’s why we’re here to breakdown several key benefits of doing it with Delkin so that you can make a careful and informed decision.
Though it may be cheaper to just stock and sell memory cards from other brands, having your own
company-branded memory will assure your customers that your products are trustworthy and guaranteed to work in whichever camera they may own. It also shows that your company is both committed and knowledgeable when it comes to your market.
If your company has already built up a loyal customer base, many of those customers will be more inclined to buy YOUR branded memory cards rather than from a big-name brand. Why? Because they have a personal relationship with you, and they trust that you will provide them a quality product.
Private label memory cards not only remind your existing customers about your business, but also provide them an opportunity to help grow brand awareness for your company through word-of-mouth. “Which memory cards do you use?” – a common question many beginners, whether they’re in the photo, video, trail camera, drone or action camera market, ask more experienced shooters. Let your customers sell your product FOR YOU.
We’ll do everything other than sell it for you! Delkin will design your packaging (unless you would like to handle it), supply the memory cards, print the labels and blistercards, and assemble everything together. We want to make things as simple and smooth as possible for you so that all you have to do is unbox, display and sell.
For inquiries or if you would like more information regarding Private Label memory, please contact Jenn Sherry at