Flash Speeds & Storage Drive Capacity Notice

Up to 7% of a Flash storage device’s listed capacity can be used for internal functions, and therefore is not user accessible. This is common in all Flash storage devices from all manufacturers. For example, a 32GB Flash storage device may only have 30-31GB actual writable data storage available to the consumer.

Flash storage devices are manufactured in this way to ensure the device operates dependably and in a timely reliable manner. Some of the data capacity is used for firmware, spare blocks and formatting, while other operations in the device may include:

  • Testing of storage capacity within the Flash storage device.
  • Identification of storage cells that have used up their lifecycle to ensure data is not stored to those locations on the device.
  • Additional special features such as security or copy protection.

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There are many factors that affect transfer speeds, or read and write speeds. The recording host, the computer, the reader or the card all can have a dramatic affect. Speeds will vary from capacity, card type and tier, sometimes greatly. Please check the packaging for read and write speeds and specific technical specifications in relation to each card you purchase.