Get Inspired Close to Home

Some photographers travel to the far corners of the planet to get inspired – and to create new and exciting images. That’s a good idea, for sure. However, you don’t need to make long-distance jaunts to get motivated and to learn something new – not to mention getting better at composition and photography in general.

Here’s the idea: Go back to the same place, close to home, again and again and promise yourself that you will take a totally different type of photograph. You can accomplish this by going to the same spot at different times of day, photographing under different weather conditions, using different lenses, creating black-and-white images,  shooting from different angles, get inspired different filters and experimenting with camera settings.

I do that myself close to home on a regular basis at the New Croton Dam in Croton-on-Hudson, New York.

This idea is not only productive, but also fun!

Image captured on a Delkin Devices SD card.

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