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CFexpress™ Card Readers (REMOVABLE vs. FIXED Mode):

Delkin’s USB 3.2 CFexpress™ Memory Card Readers (DDREADER-54 / DDREADER-56 / DDREADER-58) may be set in either FIXED or REMOVABLE mode. The below PC Utility Software provides an easy way for customers to switch the mode on the reader depending upon their performance/workflow needs.

REMOVABLE mode allows you to modify files using Adobe® and various other programs directly off the card while it is in the reader. It is important to note however that REMOVABLE mode can affect Read and Write performance from/to your reader when used with a PC. Read performance may be reduced by up to 50%, while Write speeds to the reader/card may be reduced by up to 20%.

FIXED mode provides maximum reader/card performance. This setting does require images to be transferred from your card to your computer prior to editing or importing into other third-party software applications. In some programs (e.g. Adobe® family / Photos) it is not possible to directly edit a file on a card when the reader is in FIXED mode. It is only possible to work on files in these programs after the files have been transferred to your PC or Mac via File Explorer or Finder.

If your workflow involves editing images directly off the card through third-party programs (e.g. Adobe® Lightroom® or Apple® Photos) you will want to have the reader set to REMOVABLE mode.

For faster PC performance you will want the reader set to FIXED mode. FIXED mode will require you to transfer files from the card directly to your PC/MAC HDD prior to editing them within Adobe® programs.

NOTE: If you are using MAC® with no access to PC and you have received a reader you think may be set to FIXED mode, please contact Delkin Customer Service for assistance at

Download the appropriate PC utility based upon your reader model number by clicking on one of the button links below:

1.    Download appropriate PC Utility based upon DDREADER Model Number.
2.    Unzip Utility Application.
3.    Disable Windows Defender Firewall and/or other 3rd Party Firewall Application.
5.    Attach DDREADER-54/56 or DDREADER-58 into USB 3.x port of Windows 10/11 computer (not MAC).
6.    Run (double-click) DDREADER-54-56_Config_Util.exe or DDREADER-58_Config_Util.exe.
7.    Once finished, unplug DDREADER-54/56/58 from Windows 10 computer USB port.
8.    Reconnect DDREADER-54/56/58 to USB port in Windows 10 or MAC computer.
9.    Re-enable Firewall software.

CFexpress™ Type B Compatibility Notice:

For CFexpress™ Type B memory cards, Delkin offers two options: POWER and BLACKBLACK provides the fastest minimum sustained write speeds, while POWER offers the largest storage capacity.

Canon C300 Mark III: Delkin BLACK is recommended for recording in the highest resolution available (POWER not recommended).

Nikon Z9 (Firmware v2.0+): Delkin BLACK is recommended for all recording modes (POWER not recommended).

UPDATE (5/19/22): Delkin has certainly confused and possibly mislead some of our customers with comments we recently made about our new line of BLACK cards. This act was not intentional in any way, and we are sorry to have frustrated some of our customers. We are engineers first…making the best memory products we can, and photographers second. Occasionally this fact has an ability to impact decisions and directions.Thank you to a great photographer for writing a clearer description of the performance of our new line of cards in the Nikon Z9 camera:‘Real world’ testing in the Nikon Z9 (good light, auto-ISO, wide-area AF (L) with auto subject detection, action in the scene, 1/800th, a lens designed for action shooting) has shown:Beyond the initial, 79 Frames of NEF (RAW), Lossless compression format at 20fps, the new Delkin BLACK cards can deliver an average frame rate of 15fps for another 20 seconds.Please note that the fps after the initial frames will be uneven, but overall, approximately 15fps will be maintained, so you can keep shooting with confidence.Also, please note again, that varying conditions can reduce the initial 79 frames slightly.Under the same shooting conditions, some of our top competitors struggle to capture 45 frames before dropping to 10fps and less!Even better, under typical real world conditions, using Nikon’s compressed RAW HE* format, the new Delkin BLACK cards can deliver 200 uninterrupted frames at 20fps, then can continue to deliver about 19fps for another 20 seconds. The frame rate will be slightly uneven, but overall, approximately 19fps can be maintained.If you use Nikon’s most compressed RAW HE format, performance is even better, very nearly providing an unlimited 20fps.Again, many thanks to Dave Armstrong for helping us research, analyze, and present this information. You can find his photographic work here:

Not sure which Delkin memory card(s) are best for your camera? Please refer to our camera compatibility chart for recommendations (Last updated 1/4/24)

Speed Information:

Delkin designs, builds and vigorously tests our memory card products in most current hosts. Memory card read and write speeds (hereby referred to as R/W) will vary significantly due to three key items: card platform, reader interface and benchmark programs used.

1) Card platform inherently restricts R/W performance due to technological limits (ie: UHS-I vs. UHS-II)

2) Reader interface confines R/W performance due to maximum bandwidth allowed by the specific interface (ie: USB 2.0 vs USB 3.2 vs. PCIe)

3) Benchmark programs used throw wide disparities of R/W performance numbers due to multiple factors (ie: coding inefficiencies or random vs sequential measurement)

In addition to the above, other factors that will impact performance include host platform performance, background tasks running during benchmarking, USB/Thunderbolt cable quality, reader quality etc. Delkin only utilizes industry standard testing matrix with programs designed for testing memory card speeds, not speed test matrix for camera hosts. In summary, R/W speeds are completely dependent on the technologies and performance of both card and host.

File Recovery:

Did you accidentally format your memory card or delete images before you backed them up to a computer? Delkin has partnered with LC Technology to provide you with an approved and recommended service for image and video recovery, and a free demo version of their full software program, PHOTORECOVERY®.

To download the free demo version of PHOTORECOVERY® and have your memory card scanned for photos, videos, music, or other files that can be recovered, please choose one of the two options below (PC or MAC). This demo version is free and will show you thumbnails and previews of your recovered files.

To purchase and download a licensed copy of PHOTORECOVERY® that can be used for an unlimited number of recoveries from a single computer, choose one of the two options listed below (PC or MAC). This version will allow you to run a recovery on any memory card at any time and save full resolution versions of any file recovered from a single computer.

PHOTORECOVERY® is a software program owned and operated by LC Technology, and is not affiliated with Delkin Devices. Please contact LC Technology directly if you have any questions about the software program or its use.LC Technology International, Inc.US Support: / Sales@LC-tech.comUK Support: /

Firmware Updates:

DDREADER-50 (USB 3.0 BLACK Multi-Slot Rugged Memory Card Reader)

Firmware update tool for the DDREADER-50, which resolves an issue where the reader produces corrupt files during transfer when used on a Mac OS 10.9.5 (Mavericks) or earlier running USB 2.0. (NOTE: This tool requires a Windows computer to perform the update)

Notice on Counterfeiting of Delkin Memory Cards:

CLICK HERE to download the notice on counterfeit Delkin Memory Cards

Notice on Early Release of JUGGLER™ USB 3.2 SSDs (AUGUST 2020):

Initial firmware on a small batch of early release JUGGLER™ USB 3.2 SSDs may experience higher heat levels and a fair decrease in speed. If you purchased a JUGGLER™ and are experiencing these potential issues, please contact A complimentary firmware update is available at our factory, that will greatly improve these intermittent issues.

Part Number:   DJUGBM1TB
Part Number:   DJUGBM2TB

Learn more about PCIe technology here: