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Speed Information:

Delkin designs, builds and vigorously tests our memory card products in most current hosts. Memory card read and write speeds (hereby referred to as R/W) will vary significantly due to three key items:

1) card platform; 2) reader interface; 3) benchmark programs used.

1) Card platform inherently restricts R/W performance due to technological limits (ie: UHS-I vs. UHS-II)

2) Reader interface confines R/W performance due to maximum bandwidth allowed by the specific interface (ie: USB 2.0 vs USB 3.2 vs. PCIe)

3) Benchmark programs used throw wide disparities of R/W performance numbers due to multiple factors (ie: coding inefficiencies or random vs sequential measurement)

In addition to the above, other factors that will impact performance include host platform performance, background tasks running during benchmarking, USB/Thunderbolt cable quality, reader quality etc. Delkin only utilizes industry standard testing matrix with programs designed for testing memory card speeds, not speed test matrix for camera hosts. In summary, R/W speeds are completely dependent on the technologies and performance of both card and host.


File Recovery:

Did you accidentally format your memory card or delete images before you backed them up to a computer? Delkin has partnered with LC Technology to provide you with an approved and recommended service for image and video recovery, and a free demo version of their full software program, PHOTORECOVERY®.

To download the free demo version of PHOTORECOVERY® and have your memory card scanned for photos, videos, music, or other files that can be recovered, please choose one of the two options below (PC or MAC). This demo version is free and will show you thumbnails and previews of your recovered files.


To purchase and download a licensed copy of PHOTORECOVERY® that can be used for an unlimited number of recoveries from a single computer, choose one of the two options listed below (PC or MAC). This version will allow you to run a recovery on any memory card at any time and save full resolution versions of any file recovered from a single computer.


PHOTORECOVERY® is a software program owned and operated by LC Technology, and is not affiliated with Delkin Devices. Please contact LC Technology directly if you have any questions about the software program or its use.
LC Technology International, Inc.

Firmware Updates:

DDREADER-50 (USB 3.0 BLACK Multi-Slot Rugged Memory Card Reader)

Firmware update tool for the DDREADER-50, which resolves an issue where the reader produces corrupt files during transfer when used on a Mac OS 10.9.5 (Mavericks) or earlier running USB 2.0. (NOTE: This tool requires a Windows computer to perform the update)


DDREADER-54 (USB 3.2 CFexpress™ Type B Memory Card Reader)

Firmware configuration utility to convert the DDREADER-54 back and forth between a FIXED device and REMOVEABLE device (NOTE: This tool requires a Windows 10 computer to perform the update). For more information, please see “Delkin Devices Reader 54 USB Device – Fixed USB Devices Versus Removable” in the Product Notices section below.


1.   Attach DDREADER-54 into USB 3.x port of Win 10 computer (not MAC).

2.   Run (double-click) DDREADER-54_Updater_Tool.exe

3.   Once finished, unplug DDREADER-54 from Windows 10 computer USB port.

4.   Attach DDREADER-54 to USB port in WIN10 or MAC computer.


Notice on Counterfeiting of Delkin Memory Cards:

CLICK HERE to download the notice on counterfeit Delkin Memory Cards

Notice on Early Release of JUGGLER™ USB 3.2 SSDs (AUGUST 2020):

Initial firmware on a small batch of early release JUGGLER™ USB 3.2 SSDs may experience higher heat levels and a fair decrease in speed. If you purchased a JUGGLER™ and are experiencing these potential issues, please contact A complimentary firmware update is available at our factory, that will greatly improve these intermittent issues.

Part Number:   DJUGBM1TB
Part Number:   DJUGBM2TB

Learn more about PCIe technology here:

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