Return Policy

Return Policy

Basic Policy

  • Most Delkin Devices Memory products carry a limited lifetime warranty. We will repair or replace, at our discretion, any memory device that fails due to defects in materials or workmanship.
  • Delkin Devices must be notified of any shipping discrepancies within forty-eight hours of receipt. All products remain the property of Delkin Devices, Inc., until paid for in full.
  • Warranty will be void if labels are removed. All products must be returned with labels attached and readable.

Delkin Devices offers credit to customers that meet the following criteria:

  • Your account must be current
  • An RMA number must be obtained
  • The product must be less than 30 days old; after 30 days, no credit will be given unless the sales executive managing the account submits a credit exception signed and approved in accordance with the Delkin credit policy.
  • Credits not used within 6 months of issuance will be void.

All returns must be accompanied by an RMA number, which you must obtain from us. All RMA numbers will expire 30 days from the date it was issued. After the 30 days it is the customer’s responsibility to obtain another RMA number from Delkin. Please have the following information when contacting Delkin for an RMA:

  • Name, Address, and all contact information
  • Delkin Devices part number
  • Purchase information:
    • Invoice number under which the product was purchased
    • Place of purchase
  • A description of the problem
  • Lot Code information for all Compact Flash and PC Memory Cards. The lot code information is printed on the small label on the back of your product.

All returns are subject to the following conditions:

  • The RMA number must be on the outside of the package
  • The Product must be in a package that will protect it (no envelopes), or it will be refused
  • Any RMA sent C.O.D. will be refused.

If you need to process a return for a Delkin Power product for any reason, it is important that you follow special packing instructions to ensure the safety of your return. Incorrectly packaged battery products can be unsafe to transport and handle and can violate Federal Regulation that ensures the safe transport of power products.

Please read through these instructions thoroughly, and contact our Customer Service team if you have any questions or would like clarification. It is very important that you follow all of these procedures when shipping any battery product back to us so that we may process your return quickly and safely. Thanks for your consideration!

  1. If you are shipping multiple batteries in the same container, each battery must be separated to avoid accidental short circuiting and packaged in a strong outer container.
  2. Battery contacts (the metal parts that transfer power from the battery to your device) must be safely & securely covered with a non conductive material. If you still have the original packaging that came with your battery, we request that you ship the battery back to us in the original packaging. If you do not have the original packaging, you can wrap each battery inside of a closed anti-static bag (one that can be secured in the closed position) or cover the battery contacts with electrical tape. Doing this will prevent any chance of the battery short circuiting during transportation. Please note that each battery in your return shipment must be packaged individually of one another to prevent electrical short circuits.
  3. If you are retuning a good battery to us in working condition, the return must be made within 30 days of your date of purchase and the product must be returned to us in perfect working condition. Please take care in packaging the product so that it does not become damaged during shipment. If a battery is received in poor condition, the return will not be processed and the product will be shipped back to you.
  4. If you are returning a defective battery, please specify the error for each battery involved in the return. All Delkin Power batteries are guaranteed by a two year warranty from date of purchase. Your battery will be tested for the fault that is reported, and credit or replacement will be processed once the fault is verified.

Please be aware of shipping restrictions and regulations in your area as well as your shipping destination. Battery returns will not be processed and credit or replacement parts will not be given for battery returns shipped to us that are not in accordance with the policy explained above.