Top 3 Tips for Underwater Photography


Get Close

Whether it’s sharks or shrimp, to get good shots underwater, you have to be close to your subject. Minimizing the amount of water between you and your subject increases image quality and color and decreases the likelihood of getting distracting floating debris in the shot. Don’t zoom! Zooming compresses all the water and particulate in it. It will result in soft edges and blurry photos.



Bring Lights

Water acts like a big blue filter. Even a few feet under the surface, much of the warm side of the visible spectrum disappears. To counter this, underwater photographers and videographers bring their own lights. For photos, big flashes or strobes are great for bringing out the spectacular color of color reefs and kelp forests.


Underwater Photography


Grease your o-ring

Underwater camera systems live and die by their o-rings. It only takes one drop of salt water to suck the life out of a camera. Those shooting in the water should be religious about the maintenance of their equipment. Check the integrity of your housing and port o-rings before every dive and always use precautions like a vacuum system.


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