3 Tips for Landscape Photography (By Lee Rolfe)

Meet Lee Rolfe, a member of our Delkin Devices Photo & Video team. Lee is based out of our Delkin Europe office and looks after sales across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia. Lee has been with Delkin for 3.5 years and is also an exceptional photographer, enjoying all types of photography. Today, Lee is sharing his top 3 Tips for Landscape Photography.
TIP #1: Analyze Your Scene

Upon arriving at the location, your first instinct may be to start shooting straight away. However, slow down, take a step back and think about what equipment and which settings you need. Many times the scene itself will show you where the best images are. Look at the direction the light is coming from and imagine how this may change as time goes by and the sun continues its journey across the sky. What feature can I include in my photograph? The images I enjoy the most may not necessarily have been the photographs I had gone with the intention of shooting. I often find that my favourite photos are the ones I didn’t plan to take, rather than the ones I set out to capture intentionally.

Experiment and try to capture the mood of the scene.

TIP #2: Movement

Movement is not necessarily the first thing we think of when imagining a landscape image, but introducing movement through longer shutter speeds can have a dramatic effect on an image, especially on stormy skies.

Bonus Tip – Leading lines are an excellent way to give an image more depth, holding the viewers’ attention for longer and drawing their gaze to a focal point within the image.

TIP #3: Light

Both early morning and evening light can produce optimal lighting conditions that can have a dramatic effect on your chosen scene. Shooting at golden hour will often produce the most pleasing quality of light which can lead to stunning display of color as the sun sets (or rises).

Golden hour is the period of time just after sunrise or just before sunset when the light produced by the sun is infused with beautiful red, yellow and orange tones. I like to be in position an hour before sunrise and sunset to maximize my shooting window of opportunity.


Photography has been my passion since turning 12 years old, when I was gifted my first camera by my grandmother. That camera helped foster my fascination with the world around me taking photographs of everything and everyone.

I started out as a working professional portrait photographer aged 16, a formative period of my career which holds special memories. Later in life I began to share my experience as a photographer with others, teaching and training new creators, as time grew more precious with a busy work life, I looked towards landscape photography as a way to relax and find solace that we all crave. As my experience in the genre grew, I found the style of images that I enjoy making.

I used Delkin memory cards long before I worked for the company as they have always had a reputation for quality. I currently use Delkin BLACK CFexpress™ Type B and Delkin BLACK Rugged UHS-II SD cards. Reliability is the most important part of my workflow. The moments I chose to photograph cannot be repeated, having a memory card that I trust implicitly is key.

My next steps in photography are taking me on an adventure learning and teaching myself wildlife photography. I have had some early success which has fueled a burning desire to do and learn more. I will be sure to report back with news of my adventures.

I still come to work each day with the same sense of pride as I did my first day.

– Lee Rolfe