Delkin Spotlight on World Renowned Photographer Mark Sisson


Some words from Mark…

I have been a Delkin CF card user for the last half a dozen or so years for all of my work, work that takes me to pretty much every extreme of climate that the world of wildlife photography has to offer. From searching for elephants in the heat of the Namibian desert, to trekking with gorillas in the rainforests of Uganda and even searching for pumas in the snowy mountains of southern Chile (all in the last year alone) I put the cards through it all. I use Delkin for my own work or when guiding for my wildlife photography holiday business Natures Images (

My first CF card (which incidentally is still in my bag and still gets used when it’s more static subjects I’m working with) had a write speed of 40MB per second but in certain fast action situations the CFast card, that I have gradually progressed to as cards have got faster, offers a staggering 495 MB per second! It means that when I’m tracking an Andean Condor in flight and hopefully coming to land at no point does the card itself limit the number of times I can press the shutter and test out the frame rate of my Canon 1Dx Mk2: I have simply never filled the buffer on it. With video shooting becoming an important part of my work mix these days too, this is the first card I’ve had that allows me to also max out the 4K and 50 frames per second capabilities of the camera too.


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