Secure Digital Memory Cards (Backup)


More Value Every Day
8GB – 64GB
80-100 MB/s Read
20-50 MB/s Write
Class 10/U1/V10/V30
Lifetime Warranty

Optimized for use in DSLRs, camcorders and other handheld devices, the SELECT SD card is capable of capturing smooth, continuous Full HD 1080p video.



Excellence Guaranteed
8GB – 512GB
90 MB/s Read
90 MB/s Write
Class 10/U3/V30
Lifetime Warranty

Designed to excel in DSLRs and advanced camcorders that require faster speeds, the ADVANTAGE SD card is able to record flawless 4K and Full HD.



Preferred by Professionals
64GB – 256GB
300 MB/s Read
100 MB/s Write
Class 10/U3/V60
Lifetime Warranty

Ideal for professional photographers & videographers, the PRIME SD card supports various simultaneous capture modes, such as video + still + GPS data.



Simply the Best
32GB – 128GB
300 MB/s Read
250 MB/s Write
Class 10/U3/V90
Lifetime Warranty

Utilizing the latest speed class technology, the POWER SD card boasts the fastest available speeds and supports data-intensive modes, including 8K video.


Not sure which Delkin memory card(s) are best for your camera? Please refer to our camera compatibility chart for recommendations (Last updated 4/24/19)

Part Numbers for Reference

Select 163X / 266X (U1/V10) DDSDR163-4GB DDSDR163-8GB DDSDR16316GB DDSDR16332GB DDSDR26664GB DDSDR266128G
Advantage 633X (V30) DDSDW633-8GB DDSDW63316GB DDSDW63332GB DDSDW63364GB DDSDW633128G DDSDW633256G DDSDW633512G
Prime 1900X (V60) DDSDB190064G DDSDB1900128 DDSDB1900256
Power 2000X (V90) DDSDG200032G DDSDG200064G DDSDG2000128


Delkin Devices is proud to partner with LC Technology to support our premium memory card lines. This includes the following: SD PRIME & POWER, microSD PRIME & POWER, XQD, CFAST, BLACK and soon-to-be CFexpress™. Please contact Delkin Customer Service at for more information and support.