What Photo Editing Software Do Most Photographers Use? (Results of a Shotkit Survey)

Photography and gear reviews website Shotkit.com recently published the results of a survey which answered the question:

“What photo editing software do photographers use?”

The responses of 657 amateur and professional photographers also revealed why many photographers still use Adobe Lightroom, or for those that don’t, why they choose an alternate software.

Here’s a summary of the key findings from the Shotkit survey:

  1.   58% of photographers use Adobe Lightroom to edit photos
  2.   The main reason why photographers choose Lightroom is because it offers all the editing features they need.
  3.   The second most common reason is due to ease of use.
  4.   The most common reason why photographers don’t use Lightroom is that they don’t want to pay for a subscription.
  5.   The second most common reason is that Lightroom lacks editing features that some photographers need.
  6.   Adobe Photoshop, Luminar, and Capture One are the 3 most popular photo editing software choices of photographers who don’t use Lightroom.
  7.   If the photographers who use Lightroom had to choose an alternative software, the majority would choose Capture One.
  8.   The majority of the photographers we surveyed were amateurs (67% amateurs vs. 37% professionals).

For more details on the results of the survey, check the infographic below, or visit Shotkit to read the whole breakdown.

Credit: Shotkit.com

What photo editing software do photographers use? Shotkit infographic