3 Tips to Remember While Breaking Into The Photography World

1. Focus on the Business End
If you’ve made the decision to pursue a career in photography then it’s most likely that
you are already a pretty good photographer. You may need to take sometime learning
about the business side and how to get paid work just so you can join the market as fast
as possible.

2. Be Willing to Grow
No one ever made the decision to pursue photography for the stability and routine. You
should be more than willing to take on new assignments and collaborations that will
stretch your skills and expand your comfort zone.

3. Drop Your Ego
It’s hard enough to break into photography when having the right connections. It will
only be that much harder if you develop a reputation for being someone who is arrogant
or hard to work with. If you, on the other hand you are known to be someone who shares
knowledge and is a great collaborative partner, you may find a whole world of
opportunities starting to open themselves up to you. It’s a very exciting place to be!

Will Copico is a Canadian freelance photographer currently operating in Dublin. In 2017
he left a job in the corporate sector to pursue photography as a full time career. He hopes
to someday make travel and wildlife photography the main part of his work.

Photos by: Will Copico Photography (www.willcopico.com)


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