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Despite the ever-growing use of mobile devices to capture both photos and videos, many photographers still shoot with full-sized cameras, specifically to post on social media what they capture. While traveling to Germany for this year’s Photokina tradeshow, one of the accessories I surprisingly used the most was our Delkin qwikVIEW mobile card reader. The reader allowed me to quickly and easily transfer high-quality copies of what I shot on my Sony® a7R III to my phone, edit them, then upload them straight to Instagram – I didn’t have to wait until I got home. I found myself taking less and less photos with my phone, knowing that I could easily transfer the adorable images of my young boys in front of the Koln Dam to share with the world (biased, I know). The qwikVIEW reader is Apple® MFi Certified, ensuring full functionality with any current iPhone or iPad, and also features a Micro USB connector (USB-C adapter included) for Android owners.

-Jenn Sherry, Delkin Devices Sales & Marketing Manager


Now for all the technical stuff…

 Delkin Devices READER-52-ANGLE-CARDS

The qwikVIEW Lightning/Micro USB Memory Card Reader from Delkin Devices makes mobile editing and posting to social media easier than ever before. Designed with dual slots for (1) SD card and (1) microSD card, the reader allows users to view, delete and copy photos and videos captured on other devices, such as DSLRs, action cameras, trail cameras and drones, to almost any smartphone or mobile device. It’s the perfect backup solution, especially when out in the field.


Compatible with Apple® & Android® Devices
Featuring an Apple® MFI certified lightning cable, the qwikVIEW reader works flawlessly with the latest generation of iPhones, iPods and iPads. The reader is also designed with a Micro USB cable, making it compatible with most Android devices. For devices that utilize a USB-C connector, the qwikVIEW reader includes a removable Micro USB to USB-C adapter. Simply plug the reader into the phone using the appropriate cable, insert the card(s) and get instant file access!


Compact & Travel-Friendly

Measuring 5 in. long and weighing only ¼ lb., the reader provides convenient, hassle-free portability. Bring it with you wherever you go; safely store it in backpacks, carrying bags, laptop case, and much more! Whether you are in the middle of a vast open desert, a tropical rainforest or even the frozen tundra, the reader’s compact size allows you to access your precious files anywhere, anytime, while taking up minimal space.


Plug & Play

Access your files in seconds! No external power is required; simply plug the reader into your phone and start viewing your photos and videos instantly (Note: PowerDrive 2.0 App required for file viewing on Apple® devices. No App is necessary for Android devices)


  • Perfect On-the-Go Memory Card Backup Solution
  • Dual Slots for (1) SD & (1) microSD Memory Card
  • Compatible with Apple® (MFI Certified), Android® & Other Micro USB/USB-C Supported Hosts
  • Plug & Play for Instant Viewing
  • Compact & Travel-Friendly
  • Includes Optional Micro USB to USB-C Adapter


Part Number: DDREADER-52

UPC: 814373022343



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