A Photography Balancing Act

Photo Credit: Rick Sammon

Balance is important in life. It’s also important in our photography.

In creating this image of three models in an historic hotel in Venice, Italy during Carnavale 2018, I thought about balance. I placed the models, one in the foreground and two in background, for a balanced photograph – following the composition rule: the rule of odds.

Generally speaking, a photograph with an odd number of subjects is more pleasing than a photograph with an even number of subjects. It’s a rule, by the way, that I have been known to break more than once.

Next, because the models were strongly backlit, I had to balance the light from my Canon speedlite in a Westcott softbox to the room light – with the goal of having my photograph look like an all-natural light photograph. I did the using the +/- EV control on my speedlite.

As I rule (one that I don’t break), to make sure I don’t lose important images like this, I always record to two Delkin cards (SD and Compact Flash) in my Canon 5D Mark IV.

The next time you are photographing, think about the importance of balance.

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