How Rick Sammon Got the Shot – Ganges River Local


Making an “Image with Impact” is a good goal in our photography. That was my goal when I was looking for a person, out of hundreds on the banks of the Ganges River, during my trip to India this past February.

I chose this particular subject because color is an element that can add impact to a photograph, and this subject “said/screamed” color. Sharpness is another element that can create a sense of impact in a photograph. I focused carefully so that you can clearly see all the details in this man’s mustache and beard. Strong eye contact is yet another “Image with Impact” element. Getting down at eye level and seeing eye-to-eye and shooting eye-to-eye achieved that goal.

When you are out photographing, keep the goal of making an “Image with Impact” and mind. In addition, make sure you don’t lose your precious images, and use only a trusted memory card. I only use and recommend Delkin Devices cards, SD here.

For more tips from Delkin Devices Image Maker Rick Sammon see his web site:



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