How Rick Sammon Got the Shot: Cormorant Fishermen, Remote China

Photo Credit: Rick Sammon

Cormorant Fishermen, Remote China- Rick Sammon,

This is one of my favorite photographs I took during a workshop I co-lead to remote China with my friend Ken Koskela, and organized by two more friends Andy and Mia Beals.

When I talk about my photograph, I really can only take part of the credit. Andy and Mia are friends with the cormorant fishermen and have worked with them numerous times setting up similar shots for photographers in this picturesque location on the Li River. Andy and Mia arranged to have the fishermen on site before sunrise. When the fishermen arrived, I directed them into position, looking for separation and trying to get them to form a triangle – to lead the viewer into the scene.

Shooting with a wide-angle setting (26mm on Canon 24-70mm lens), using a medium aperture (f/6.3) and focusing 1/3 into the scene allowed me to get everything in the scene in focus. – just as it looked to my eyes.

This is pretty much a straight shot, with just a bit of Levels adjustment to make the scene a bit brighter – as well a tighter crop.

Yes, I took the photograph, but it was a team effort. The main message here: Give credit where credit is due.

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